Pick to Light
Pick to light is a system for facilitating the selection of a component from a warehouse by service employees, in which the place of selection is indicated by illumination of a controller. The system is used particularly in automotive production where the operator produces different versions of the product according to requirements. The system can also control whether the component was actually removed from the indicated place and send an audible alert if the operator makes a mistake. 

Production and performance monitoring
We offer an online system for monitoring the observance of prescribed sequence of work actions and performance of the operator. The system monitors the time, the operator, the volume and subsequently evaluates the performance of individual operators, downtime and errors.

Lean and Six Sigma support
SixSigma and statistical evaluation of process compliance is now a standard in the automotive industry for critical points in the production process. We offer solutions for the production as well as the laboratory.  The system can collect data directly from the machine without the need for human intervention.  This allows one to have an overview of the current status of the production process directly in the factory.

SPC Automation v. 2.0
SPC Automation is a program for simplifying data collection and evaluation in creating control charts used in the automotive industry for statistical control of processes. The new version of SPC Automation builds on the previous experiences with operations in automotive industry and focuses mainly on the scalability of the system to enable its deployment in a greater number of workplaces, the ability to switch the language and the unification of the administrator interface. As in the previous version, user-friendly data entry interface continues to be a key feature of the new version of SPC Automation. The emphasis is placed on simplicity and intuitiveness which reduces the time required to train operators, especially if this is their first experience of using computers at work.

SPC Automation utilizes user accounts and enables the assignment of operators and products to groups. After logging in, the operator can view products in the group he/she has access to.

New values can be entered into the system by selecting a product parameter, filling in the data and pressing the send key. If the entered data falls outside the control limit, authorized operator may enter a description for the event.

The program enables calculation of new control limits and creation of reports in case paper evidence of data is needed. The ability to send e-mail notifications of events beyond the control limit of the last 24 hours is a new feature of the program. Optionally, data can be read directly from the measuring device.

The program consists of three components: central (shared) storage, operator interface for data entry and management interface for defining parameters, report creation and system management. Of course, all of the components can be installed on a single PC.